About Us

Purpose of the Mississippi Bass Federation

  • organize the bass clubs in the state of Mississippi and to affiliate with other organizations of like mind and purpose..
  • assist and cooperate with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Conservation and it’s agencies in matters mutually beneficial.
  • preserve and further the sport of bass fishing by actively becoming engaged in the areas of environment, pollution, and youth participation.
  • organize and conduct an annual “Mississippi Bass Chapter Federation Tournament” to determine the members of the team to represent the state of Mississippi. This team will compete in the Central Division Tournament, held by The Bass Federation, Inc.. At the state tournament we also crown a state champion, who has the distinctive honor of being the best federation angler in the state of Mississippi.

The Federation is looking for bass clubs, or individuals that are interested in joining the other 46 clubs, with approximately 1100 members. Dues are $15.00 per person for Mississippi Bass Federation membership, and $15.00 for The Bass Federation, Inc membership. It only takes 6 members to start a bass club and enjoy all the benefits of The Bass Federation.