Meeting Minutes – November 2005

Minutes for November 6, 2005

  1. Old business – None

  2. New Business
    • MS Federation report – 43 clubs 800 members.
    • BASS totals  54 clubs  974 members
    • Flippo to write letter to clubs joining National Federation but not joining MS Federation stating that to belong to National the club must join MS Federation. National Federation will not accept any club not joining MS Federation.
    • Financial Report – $1,792.36 as of 11/04/05

                                    Paid out $45,000

                                    Received in $47,000

  1. Conservation Director Report
    • Teb Jones asked for help from the South to report fish kills and any fish habitat that was destroyed by the hurricane.
    • Bass Pro Shops in Jackson will have Conservation night November 30, 2005. 


  1. Youth Director Report
    • 2005 Casting Kids State Champion for 7-10 = Alex Eubanks
    • 2005 Casting Kids State Champion for 11-14 = Adam Eubanks
    • Jr. Bassmasters 11-14 = Grant Holloway, Jr. Bassmasters 15 – 18 = Jeremy Kelly. Both competed in Jr.Bassmaster Classic in Pittsburg in July.
    • 2006 Champions: Cody Vogle & Eli Frierson. They will be competing at the Jr. Bassmasters Classic in February in Orlando, FL
    • Casting Kids competitions will be held at new Bass Pro Shops in 2006.
    • Mach 31 each year is date for age eligibility.
    • Working on date & location for Jr. Bassmasters State Championship next year. The winners will go to Classic 2007.


  1. Discussed calendar of events. (See attached)


  1. Future meeting location. 
    • We will be working with Bass Pro Shops to hold our State meetings in meeting room in store. If we move the location to Bass Pro Shops it will be posted on web site. The next meeting will be in April at Holiday Inn in Columbus.
    • Programs at future meetings: Beginning in April 2006 meeting, each Division Directors will plan and coordinate a program. This program should be between 30 – 60 minutes. Programs can be about anything that is fishing, youth or conservation related. Northern Director will start with the April meeting.


  1. Dues Increase:
    • Board voted and approved dues increase to $15 per year in August 2004. This increase was not enacted in November due to the possible funding opportunities with boat raffle and TBF Inc. We only sold $11,000 in raffle. Ticket and this money was used for state team & Jr. Bassmasters this year. Beginning now dues will be $15 per year for MBF membership. New clubs that joined prior to November 6, 2005 and paid theirdues, will begin new dues increase next November.
    • National Bass Federation dues will increase to $20 for next year. You will be receiving roster updates in the next few weeks. Do not send roster updates to Bass. Bass has requested that all dues be compiled at the state level and then one check and roster updates to Bass.
    • The $15 MBF dues and $20 National dues are due by December 31, 2005


  1. SX-180/Yamaha 115 Boat
    • MBF will accept sealed bids from November 15 to December 15 2005 for boat & motor package. Minimum bid accepted is $10,000. Bids must be accompanied by deposit of a post dated check(12/15/05) for $500. All non winning bid deposits will be returned to bidder. Highest bidder will be notified on this date and will have until December 31, 2005 to remit remaining balance to Federation. Upon receipt of payment Federation will present certificate to buyer. The buyer will take certificate to local Skeeter deal and order or take delivery of boat. Suggested retail price is $19,000. All options, extra or taxes on certificate boat are the sole responsibility of buyer.


  1. The Bass Federation web site:
    • Log on & check out the online store. To log on to the store, enter your name & your Federation member number. Our Federation receives payments for some purchases by members.


  1.  Federation Nationals
    • Randy Haynes, Starkville Bass Club to represent MS on January 11 – 14, 2006 in Orlando on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Randy will be attending official practice December1-9, 2005.


  1. Bassmasters Classic
    • The 2006 Classic will e February 24-26 on Lake Toho, Orlando, FL. Presdent, Conservation Director, Youth Director, 2 Jr Bassmasters State Champions and families to attend.


  1. 2006 State Championship Tournament:
    • Date – April 26-29 2006
    • Columbus Lake was presented by Lowndes County Bassmasters. This was the only bid. Columbus Lakewill also be site to the 2007 Central Regionals. City of Columbus will pay MBF $10,000 each tournament.  
    • 2006 Central Divisional Tournament: June 11-16, 2006.
      Location – Muskogee, OK

Launch Ramp in Muskogee – 3 Forks Ramp

Competitors will be allow to lock up and down one lock.

More details on Oklahoma Federation website.


  1.    2007 Central Divisional Tournament:
  • ·        Mississippi to host tournament June 2007 on Columbus Lake

Dates will be announced.


  1. Election of Officers
  • ·        North – Edwin Gregory,  Larry Pugh
  • ·        Central – Howard Coon,  Jimmy Jones
  • ·        South – Teb Jones,  Bob Brock
  • ·        At-Large – Joe Frierson,  Orien Flaherty


  1. Discussed letting more than one team from a club fish state tournament.
  • ·        Club must send one 12 member team
  • ·        Second team must be even number up to 12 members
  • ·        Discuss tabled until Aug. 2007 meeting.


  1. Clubs not attending
  • ·        Hookbenders
  • ·        Pearl River Bass Club
  • ·        Rusty Hook
  • ·        Simpson County Bass Club
  • ·        Southern Bass Anglers
  • ·        Union Bass Club 


  1. Attachments
  • ·        John Ray Hamilton Letter
  • ·        2005-2006 Calendar of Events
  • ·        Club Sign in Sheet